7D Car Trunk/Boot/Dicky PU Leatherette Mat for Figo Old - Beige

7D Car Trunk/Boot/Dicky PU Leatherette Mat for Figo Old - Beige Color

Moto Shield 7D Car Trunk/Boot/Dicky PU Leatherette Mat for Figo Old |7 Layer Protection| Anti Skid– Beige

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1.    Custom Fit: These mats are often designed to precisely fit the contours of the vehicle's floor or cargo area, providing maximum coverage.

2.    3D Design: The "7D" may imply three-dimensional coverage, meaning the mats are contoured to cover the floor, sides, and edges, offering comprehensive protection.

3.    Durability: They are typically made from high-quality and durable materials, such as heavy-duty rubber or PVC, which are resistant to wear, tear, and spills.

4.    Waterproof: Many 7D boot mats are waterproof, preventing liquids from seeping through and damaging the vehicle's interior.

5.    Easy to Clean: These mats are often designed to be easy to clean, either by shaking off debris or by removing them for a more thorough cleaning.

6.    Anti-Slip: The mats may feature an anti-slip surface to prevent items from sliding around in the cargo area.

7.    All-Weather Protection: 7D boot mats are suitable for all weather conditions, providing protection against mud, snow, rain, and other elements.

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Moto Shield "7D boot mats" type of car floor mat or cargo mat that is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and protection for the vehicle's interior. The term "7D" suggests that these mats offer a high level of customization and are made from a variety of materials to provide a multi-dimensional protection. 7D boot mats for cars offer premium protection with a custom fit and three-dimensional design, covering the floor, sides, and edges of the vehicle's boot area. These mats provide superior resistance to wear, spills, and debris. Their waterproof nature ensures comprehensive safeguarding against liquids, while an anti-slip surface or backing keeps the mats securely in place. Easy to clean and suitable for all weather conditions, 7D boot mats combine aesthetic appeal with functionality, making them an ideal choice for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your car's interior.

6 reviews for 7D Car Trunk/Boot/Dicky PU Leatherette Mat for Figo Old - Beige

  1. MADHUR KALIA 14 Jun, 2024

    Absolutely love my leatherette mat for my Ford Figo! It fits perfectly and adds a touch of elegance to the interior. Highly recommend for anyone looking to upgrade their car's aesthetic!
  2. SAMARTH GUPTA 13 Jun, 2024

    I recently purchased the PU Leatherette Mat for my Ford Figo, and I am very impressed with the quality and fit. The mats have a sleek, premium look that complements the interior of my car beautifully. They are easy to clean and provide excellent protection against dirt and spills. Installation was a breeze, and they stay securely in place. Highly recommend these mats for anyone looking to upgrade their Figo's interior.
  3. param 11 Jun, 2024

  4. suhana 07 Jun, 2024

    nice color
  5. sebhi seth 04 Jun, 2024

    nice product
  6. gagan 04 Jun, 2024

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  • Manufacturer(s): Ford
  • Model(s): Figo
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