Air Fresher Decoration Perfume Diffuser - Black

Air Fresher Decoration Perfume Diffuser - Black Color

Moto Shield Solar Car Fragrance Double Ring Rotating Car Aromatherapy Home Office Air Fresher Decoration Perfume Diffuser In black Color Pack Of 1

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1. 0% alcohol without pollution, imported perfume, to ensure that every breath is enjoyable.A pleasant scent brings you a good mood and relieves stress. Pregnant and infant can use it.

2. Upgraded version of 360 degree fragrance is blown, three-dimensional fragrance. It can be placed anywhere in the car, full of fragrance for 30 minutes.

3. The essential oil is blended with professional deodorizing molecules to capture and decompose odor molecules and purify the air effectively.

4. High-purity alloy is combined with solid fragrance ring, no fear of high temperature exposure, bid farewell to volatile burst. Does not fade, can be washed repeatedly.

5. Solar Car Fragrance Double Ring Rotating Car Aromatherapy is a versatile and visually stunning accessory that not only enhances the ambiance of your car, home, or office but also promotes relaxation and well-being through aromatherapy.

6. Solar Car Fragrance also doubles as an aromatherapy device. It comes with a replaceable fragrance pad where you can apply your favorite essential oils or perfumes. As the rings rotate, they gently disperse the fragrance throughout your space, creating a soothing and therapeutic environment.


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Moto Shield A solar ring car perfume is an ingenious automotive accessory that merges style and sustainability. This innovative device consists of a stylish ring designed to adorn your car's interior. Equipped with miniature solar panels, it harnesses sunlight to power a discreet fragrance diffuser. This eco-friendly solution ensures a constant and pleasant aroma inside the vehicle without the need for traditional air fresheners or batteries. The solar ring car perfume not only enhances the driving experience but also reduces the environmental impact by relying on renewable energy sources, making it a smart and fashionable choice for eco-conscious drivers.

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