Antenna, Shark Fin Antenna Roof Aerial Base AM FM Radio Signal - white

Antenna, Shark Fin Antenna Roof Aerial Base AM FM Radio Signal - white Color

MOTO SHIELD Car Antenna, Shark Fin Antenna Roof Aerial Base AM FM Radio Signal, Original Car Color, Bright Paint ABS Decorative Antenna

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1. SIZE: If the size of your original antenna's base is bigger than 2.36"x3.15"(148mm*67mm),this shark antenna will not fit your car.

2. BEST REPLACEMENT: The universal shark fin antenna can replace your original antenna. As the signal amplifier, this shark fin antenna can enhance the vehicle's signal with FM/AM connection cable inside while driving 

 3. EASY TO INSTALLSelf-adhesive installation, no drilling required, just clean and dry your car, stick the antenna fin on the surface. Strong paste, not easy to fall off

 4. KEEP LONGTIME Adhesive tape base, high quality double sides tape can be firmly stuck and not shedding

 5. HIGH QUALITY: The car antenna is made of highquality paint technology. Bright color, not easy to fad. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-exposure, sturdy and drop-proof

 6. Radio Reception: They are designed to receive AM, FM, and satellite radio signals, ensuring clear and reliable reception.

 7. Universal Fit: They are often designed for a universal fit, making them compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models

 8. Low Maintenance: Generally low maintenance, as they are less prone to damage compared to traditional whip antennas.

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Moto Shield shark fin antenna for a car is a streamlined, compact, and modern alternative to traditional whip or rod antennas. Resembling the shape of a shark's dorsal fin, it is designed to improve the vehicle's aesthetics and aerodynamics. These antennas serve the dual purpose of receiving radio signals for AM/FM radio and satellite services while enhancing the vehicle's overall look. Their low-profile design minimizes wind resistance, reducing noise and improving fuel efficiency. The shark fin antenna is typically color-matched to the car's roof, seamlessly blending in for a sleek and cohesive appearance. It represents a balance of form and function, combining style and practicality in automotive design.

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