Side Door Beading Door Protector Accessories for Creta Old Black

Side Door Beading Door Protector Accessories for Creta Old Black Color

Moto Shield Side Door Beading Door Protector Accessories for Creta Old (Black, Set of 4 Pcs.)

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  1. Protection from Door Dings: Side beading helps protect the car's body panels from dings and scratches caused by other car doors in parking lots.
  2. Aesthetic Enhancement: Some side beading is designed to enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle. It can add a sporty or stylish look to the car.
  3. Protection from Minor Impacts: The beading can provide a small amount of protection against minor impacts, such as shopping carts or small debris.
  4. Weather Protection: In some cases, side beading may help protect the car's sides from weather-related damage, such as small hail or stones kicked up by other vehicles.
  5. Installation: Side beading is usually installed along the lower section of the car's doors or along the side panels. It may be attached using adhesive, clips, or screws, depending on the design and the make of the car.
  6. Maintenance: Side beading requires regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Cleaning it along with the rest of the car's exterior helps maintain its appearance
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Moto Shield Side beading for cars is a protective and decorative feature, typically made of durable materials like rubber or plastic. Installed along the lower sections of doors or side panels, it shields against minor dents and scratches caused by everyday impacts. Available in various colors and styles, side beading enhances a vehicle's aesthetic while serving a practical purpose. It can be added aftermarket or come as an OEM option, contributing to a car's overall design. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, ensures its effectiveness in preserving the car's appearance and preventing damage in parking lots or tight spaces.

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  • Manufacturer(s): Hyundai
  • Model(s): Creta
  • Year(s):
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